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Air Force Commander answered Senate Concerns

In the Second Committee of the Senate debate over the last plane crashes of aircraft of the Armed Forces it was held.

In furtherance thereof, the Commander of the Air Force made it clear that the accident CN-235 FAC 1261, was not caused by external agents, and soon will be released to the public the outcome of the investigation which is now well advanced.

Also, with regard to questions raised by senators Lizcano Cepeda and made it clear that the accident happened on the plane is not related to the modifications that were made, which were conducted by experts from the institution, fully complying all protocols required in land and air by the Order of Engineering, and strictly observing one of the principles of the Force, as is security, which allowed the certification of airworthiness for the aircraft was issued, before it began trading.

Thus, the main questions that Colombians had regarding the accident CN-235 FAC 1261 were resolved before the country today in the Senate.

Department of Air Force Strategic Communications
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