26 Dec 2014

Mission and Vision


The Colombian Air Force executes and keeps the dominion of the air space and executes air operations for the defense of sovereignty, the independence, the integrity of the national territory, the constitutional order and obtains the State purposes.

This mission was establish knowing that inside the roles of the military forces, the Air force is responsible for the air space dominion, in accomplish to the constitutional order issued on the Article 217.

Inside the theory content of the mission, it is clearly distinguish that the air force is the only institution with capacity to dominate the air space, action camp involved inside the responsibilities of the military forces, knowing that its operational concept and its principles of the use are characteristic and own of this force.

The air space is the essence of the air force, its reason to be, not only as force of active and passive defense at service of the nation, but as decisive force for the future of the peace and cordiality that is build by the Colombians.

The air force guarantee, during 24 hours a day, the protection of the national air space and no matter its actions and use of aircrafts that could put it as contaminate element extend its guarantee across projects of ambient protection looking to produce more oxygen, not only for the nation that is part of its defense, but for the global benefit.


A Colombian Air Force technologically developed, with the best human talent and based in its values to leader the aero-space power and be decisive in the defense of the Nation.

The technological development in all the ambient in the Air Force, is the orientation given for a future desire, not only for the air community, but for the Colombians. This objective more than a dream is a reality and quality of an Air Force with future. Obviously the technology demand human talent with skills to manage it, with high level compromise and with competences highly qualifies, in lieu with the speed, national reach, accuracy and flexibility that makes of the Force an institution leader in the air-space power in national and international level.

An air force with a permanent learning culture, request a strong values, that permit an administration oriented by them, and that at the same time be them the ones that orient the decisions. Straighten the values, not only indicates it permanent practice, but a continue construction of them, that permit individual ethic behaviors, that tie develop an organizational culture that permit to straighten the legitimacy of the force in the accomplishing of the mission.

The correct use of the values in the action during the accomplish of the air operations, the maintenance of high qualify personnel selected since the moment of their incorporation, as well during his military career and the application of the technology will permit that the defense of the nation, from the air action, be important in the moment to win the war and guarantee the spaces of the pacific connivance.

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