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Integral Action: a new strategy to win the war

The actual situation make that the Military Forces turn their strategy to the Integral Action and the humanitarian aid to the vulnerable communities this is how the Air Force, has take the flags of the aid to the most needed ones as part of a plan in where the Government decide that the actual war could be win without shot one cartridge.

But what does means integral action? Is the development and coordination of the politic, economic, social and military actions routed to straighten the basic structures of the State and guarantee the defense of the rights and liberties of the society for the Colombians.

The Cacom 5 is concern to take to all the people that is suffering this vulnerable situation, the aids proper of the integral action; due to this each year is plan and working schedule that include three targets: own troops, enemy and civil population, being the last one of vital importance for the social development that fall into a society with better live conditions, participative and including.

Today the humanitarian aid in the Cacom 5, has arrive to almost all of them who live in zones close from Rionegro. In the moment is in force a recovering plan in the neighbor Alto del Medio, in where under the premise of union and work has been call joint efforts in organizations such the Mayor Office, the CEO and different public and private organisms in front of which is the Air Base, has as goal improve the live conditions of those who live in this neighbor; of this work has been witness the population in general who notice the change and the alliance to improve their problems no matter to have serious psychological-social, working and sanitarian problems; since April 12 began the work, that is prognosticated that will launch results on the 2010, time in which is waited that the neighbor have a radical change.

The work in team is notice by each one of the inhabitants who see in the Air Force a friendly hand that is ready to help them in the basic necessities, but at the same time have strong allied who support this work and who are totally involved trying to create country, under the politics of social responsibility.

But the integral action pretends, across the programs of patriot values and plan Pilot for One Day, approach more impresarios, young men and women, and students from Antioquia with the Base to know about the mission, work and structure; making that them have an identification and be part of a legitimate institution, who execute sovereignty in Colombia; planning for the 2008 the visit of 20 schools, universities, companies and public and private companies with the Unit that for sure will reinforce the ties between the ones “who have the aviation in their soul”.

The acceptation of the civil population with their military forces have augment in lieu with the result in security; based in this was created the Group Young Falcons, with children between 8 and 15 years from all the social classes in Medellin and the east of Antioquia, who have an outstanding work due to their patriotism and friendship. For the project, which began on July 21, 2007 with 78 boys and girls, have count with the economic and logistic support of the Antioquia Governor Office, who highlight, no matter their age, in these Falcons, their worry for the ones who have less opportunities, supporting a society that look for a better country and a better future for the new generations.

But the enemy also is a worry, and with the psychological operations that are launched, over them propaganda about the benefits to abandon this war that they do not understand, as it was said by alias Karina who recently demobilize “tired of this war”, who send to her partners the message to abandon this silly war and tie to the more than 30000 combatants who have already reinsert. To execute this task the Black Hawk UH60 helicopters have been adapted with loud speaker systems, and fly over them sending messages to the ones who hide in the jungles and launch pamphlets with demobilization messages in the combat areas and high impact zones due to the violence as Yarumal, Ituango, Sonson, the highway Bogota-Medellin, etc.

Finally our officers, NCOs and soldiers have had hard campaigns to improve the comfort and belonging sense; specially in the work done by the Reserve Officers, with the soldiers in the Cacom 5, who also execute cultural, sportive, recreation and comfort activities in lieu with the private companies who see in them the sacrifice of those that offer their live to defend the honor and the democracy.

And who wins? The Colombians who participate in a health brigade, receive a donation or a public work that bring the development social and economic; due that people notice the support and the commitment and do not share the illegality of the subversive groups, who assassin, extortion, kidnap and oppress the innocents. In the world schema Colombia is one of the countries that are straighten in relation with the integral action; being example of work with public and private organisms, who do not look the indiscriminate military fight but the comfort of all.

Lieutenant Christian Meza